So, I spend a long time trying to set up PESOS for individual silos on IFTTT, specifically Facebook and Instagram, because they are terrible. I’ve got it currently set up to publish my initial post, but no back feed support yet. Also, this is going to wordpress, but it shouldn’t matter (in theory, because all software is terrific in theory)

Since I got a headache, I figured that someone else might get one, so let’s save them the pain and I’ll just post the templates for my recipes webmentions. You’ll need to get an auth token for your micropub endpoint. This IFTTT recipe is set up as a webhook, and the trigger will be your silo. The URL should be your micropub endpoint. Replace all instances of ACCESSTOKEN with your generated token value.

Facebook Status Update:


{{Message}} is the message of the contents. Facebook is the category. Remove category[]=facebook if you don’t care about that.

Facebook Photo Post:


{{Caption}} is the text of the post. {{ImageSource}} is the URL of the picture. Only use the syndication part if you want your site to link back to your post. mp-syndicate-to[] syndicates the photo to flicker via bridgy. Omit if you don’t use bridgy, or you don’t wish to syndicate.
Instagram Photo Post:


This is almost identical to above.

Obviously, you probably don't want to just cut and paste. You'll want to look up the micropub documentation.
Anyway, I hope that helps. PESOS is not as good as POSSE, but Facebook decided to lock down writing rights after the scandal with reading rights, so what can we do except being bitter?