So I decided to start a garden.

I actually started it a few weeks ago, but I figured, hey, why not write about it?


In order, we’ve got a window box planted with Sweet Pea flowers (My girlfriend’s favorite) and flowers good for bees and hummingbirds, a grow box made from an old plastic bin growing about four or five potato plants, and a shallow planter with a kidney bean plant and four garlic plants.

I’ve also got a pot full of basil and other common herbs I use in my cooking.

It ain’t much right now, but soon it’s gonna be BIG! My plan is to basically create a balcony garden that can supplement most of our produce needs. Been looking into permaculture techniques to handle this. Granted, permaculture has very limited use in a balcony context, but any techniques that I can apply will be of much use.

The first thing I did was start a composting system! I used a bin that I’ve had lying around for about 7 years, which seems to be perfect for a balcony worm compost system.

Once I had the holes drilled, I obtained about 500 worms from a local supplier. Cost about $20. It should be a one time cost, as long as I don’t manage to kill off the worms. Then we get to the gross part, filling it.


It’s mostly kitchen scraps. Old strawberries, veggie scraps, and such for the green. Since I don’t actually get any newspapers, I’m using paper towels, napkins, and used papers for the brown. Not ideal, but hey, the worms seem happy so far.

I’m actually really happy to start composting. Food scraps that go to the landfill break down in an anaerobic environment, resulting in both a slower breakdown, as well as creating a TON of methane, which you’ll probably recall is a far worse greenhouse gas. So, doing this gives me good dirt for the gardens, and reduces my carbon, er, methane footprint.

(Yes, I’m aware that most of the issues with greenhouse gases are due to industry, and the narrative that individuals need to take responsibility is propaganda to shift the blame to us lowly proles, but I don’t think at least avoiding adding my drop of pollution to the ocean of doom is a bad idea)

Anyway, my next step, I think, is to get a couple of micro fruit trees. It would be glorious to be able to walk outside and just grab a fresh peach or lemon.