Howdy y’all, guess who’s back?

I disappeared for about a year (Jeeze, 2020 flew by while being excruciatingly slow…) because the hard drive where everything on my site got deleted for some reason. I kind of wonder if there was some sort of issue with my cloud provider, as it happened shortly after they did some kind of maintanance. Urgh.

Anyway, after that happened, I decided to try writing a CMS for my site in Clojure. It was going well, until crunch happened at work, and then I started getting real overwhelmed by all the stuff that I still had to do, starting a project like that from scratch. So, while my CMS project is still going on, I decided to throw up something quick and easy, and decided on Jekyll, hosted on github.

I decided to go with Jekyll, because I was thinking a lot about interchangable parts, and how the IndieWeb tools that we all know and love can be swapped out pretty easily, thanks to the open protocols. Thus, this site is going to be outsourcing everything to those third party community tools, like IndieAuth and My logic is: Jekyll is simple to start with, but is a pain when it comes to automation. So by starting like this, I can gradually replace my outsourced parts for ones made by me, and I think it’ll give me a lot more focus.

I guess you can say my site is now a software ship of theseus. Except most software is, I suppose.